Internet Optimization

Slow internet and constant buffering could frustrate even the most patient person. You need a network that can handle the capabilities of modern technology. Allow us to address your needs and implement the fastest settings for your network and WiFi saving you time and money.

System Setup & Repair

Are your systems or computers not performing as well as you'd like? Running slow or not working? A little support and a few modifications by us could help a lot! When its fixed you'll get a precise summary of the issue and resolution so you'll know what to do if it ever happens again.

Web Design

Do you need a website for your small business or personal hobby? How about more exposure for your digital brand? Don't have the time to learn search engine optimization or web design yourself? Leave the hassle to us! We'll discuss your vision for an online presence and design according to your unique specifications.

Technical Assistance

We've all been there... opening that new tech or installing some new software with little to no idea how it works. Don't fret! We’re here for one-to-one assistance. Just give us a call @ 631-806-0284.